Bye Bye TV, Gossiping and Body Bashing

Are you a lover of learning? 

I am. 

My curious mind and insatiable appetite for knowledge coupled with my deep desire to support my clients in living the best life possible means I’m constantly absorbing new information and learning fresh ways to help others thrive. 

Most recently, I embarked on a yearlong journey to obtain my certification in positive psychology, the scientific study of individual and societal happiness and flourishing. 

As a part of my training, I flew to the East Coast for a weeklong immersion in March. While killing time at an airport bookstore, I spent a few moments scanning the covers of women and men's magazines (e.g., fashion, fitness, health, etc.). I was quite disturbed and saddened by what I saw. 

The extreme exploitation and objectification of women reminded me of why I stopped reading these magazines (along with celebrity pubs) years ago. I don't like their negative messaging—mainly that a woman’s value lies in her youth, beauty, body shape and sexuality. Nor do I like the feelings of inadequacy and deficiency they are designed to provoke. I don't want to waste my time and pollute my mind with them.

Bye Bye TV, Gossiping and Body Bashing
I’ve made other changes over the years to diminish the negativity in my life so that I can preserve my energy for more fulfilling, positive pursuits. For example:

  • I limited my news exposure (research has found that people who frequently tune into the news have higher levels of stress, anxiety, fear and pain)
  • I discontinued watching TV, with the exception of an occasional program that is super inspiring and/or informative, like Oprah's Super Soul Sunday or a PBS documentary
  • I stopped viewing violent movies 
  • I greatly reduced my complaining, gossiping and judging 
  • I quit speaking negatively about my body to others and myself 

Of course, some of these changes were easier than others. I’d much rather read a good book than watch TV. And some were more challenging, like no longer criticizing my body. (If this sounds like an impossible feat to you, let’s talk. If I can end my self-imposed war, so can you.)

As a result of ridding these toxins from my world, I feel incredibly lighter and more balanced, relaxed, peaceful and joyful. And, well, much more positive.

How Does Negativity Contaminate Your Life?
Take a moment to do this quick negativity inventory:

  • What sources of negativity contaminate your life?
  • How are they impacting your health and wellbeing?
  • What steps can you take to remove or reduce them?
  • Which one can you start addressing immediately?
  • How will you feel when you decrease your toxic load?

I've also taken numerous actions to boost the positivity in my life, like keeping a daily gratitude journal. We'll dive deeper into positivity boosters another time.