Hello, I’m Renee.

My intention is to help you cultivate a nourishing, peaceful, trusting and relaxed relationship with food and your body. 

Why? Because living any other way, quite frankly, sucks.

I know. I spent years of my life hating my body, eating for weight loss, restricting and bingeing, and judging myself as good or bad based on what I ate. 

I was a slave to the scale. I exercised excessively. I tallied my daily calories in bed every night, micromanaging every morsel with hyper-vigilance.

Our pervasive, insidious diet culture had me utterly convinced that when I finally played my cards right and achieved a smaller body, I would finally feel happy, peaceful, worthy, attractive and acceptable.

I wasted an insane amount of time, energy and headspace trying to control my food and my body.

All-Consuming Struggle
My rigid diet and exercise rules turned me into a rigid person. My struggle to lose—then maintain—my weight was all-consuming.

My life became very contracted and small. I neglected my relationships, my job, my social life—basically anything that threatened my desire for control.

My relentless pursuit of our culture's "thin ideal" was damaging me physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

Completely fed up with the insane amount of time, energy and headspace I was wasting trying to control my food and my body, I finally decided I had enough. Too much of my life had been lost to the relentless war I was waging against myself. 

I needed to unlearn everything our oppressive, toxic diet culture had conditioned me to think and do.

I needed to reclaim my power—and my life.

Too much of my life had been lost to the
relentless war I was waging against myself. 

Reclaiming My Power
With compassion, curiosity and help from some very wise guides, I began to release my diet mentality and truly understand that…

My body is not a problem to solve.

My size and shape don’t determined my value and worth.

The scale doesn’t measure anything that actually counts.

My body is neutral and the only reason I feel bad about it is because I’ve been conditioned to.

When I attempt to make my body smaller, I am contributing to my own oppression.

What I eat or weigh does not make me a morally good or bad person.

As long as I’m at war with my body, food will be my enemy.

Dieting (not my lack of willpower) is driving my binge-restrict cycle.

All bodies are beautiful, worthy of dignity, respect, pleasure and love.

My body holds all the wisdom I need.

The scale doesn’t measure anything that actually counts.

Putting Insights into Action
Putting all my insights into action helped end my disordered eating, transformed my relationship with food and my body, and inspired my desire to help others reclaim their power.

Today, when I look in the mirror, I no longer see the girl who would go down the path of self-loathing, under eating and over exercising at the mere sight of her reflection. 

Now, I see a woman who unconditionally accepts, appreciates and respects her body (even on days I'm not digging it!). A woman who has a tremendously pleasurable and nourishing relationship with food. A relaxed, intuitive eater who never feels deprived. 

Sure, sometimes I eat too many cookies or drink too much wine. But, no longer is doing so followed by a hefty dose of guilt, shame and self-punishment. I simply move on.

My body holds all the wisdom I need.

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