Would you like a more nourishing, trusting, peaceful and relaxed relationship with food and your body?

Do you struggle with yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, overeating, cravings, food anxiety, guilt and shame, or negative body image?

Are you fed up with food rules, confused about what to eat, or tired of spending time and energy obsessing about your weight and what you ate?

I've been where you are—and I can help.

"Working with Renee has helped me break my lifelong cycle of dieting. I now get so much more pleasure from eating and am much less obsessive about food."
-Theresa B. | Marketing Specialist | San Francisco

“I used to stress about food all the time and now I hardly think about it. I don’t have food guilt anymore because no food is off limits. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.” 
-Natalie F. | Business Development Manager | San Francisco

"She helped me learn how to love myself and my body. She taught me how to find balance in my life, how to enjoy eating without being obsessive about counting calories or losing weight."
-Lisa S. | Teacher + Coach | San Francisco

"Week by week and little by little, she helped me to create sustainable habits and ways of thinking that ultimately added up to a healthy, liberating attitude toward food and body."
-S.Y. | Engineer | San Francisco

A holistic, weight-neutral, non-diet approach to cultivating a positive relationship with food and your body—and developing life-enhancing, sustainable self-care practices.

I’m more relaxed, happier and focused on enjoying my life rather than the continual weight and diet issues that consumed me prior to doing this work."   
-Jennifer S. | Attorney | San Francisco

“I’m no longer searching for the ‘answer’ to the perfect way to eat. I don’t stress about how I eat because it isn’t that big of a deal anymore. I no longer believe those food guilt thoughts and that is F-R-E-E-D-O-M!”
-Molly S. | Student | San Francisco

"It feels like a giant weight has been lifted and I can breathe again. I have a much better relationship with food and with my body because of the work we did together."
-Rebecca | Student | Davis

"I no longer feel like I’m battling with my body. I feel like my body and my mind are finally partners!"
-Nicole M. | Consultant | San Francisco

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"This is not a diet and Renee doesn't try to sell you anything. It is more like therapy for how you approach food and body issues, as well as the rest of your life."
-Meredith Z. | Environmental Consultant | Oakland

“I no longer have intense cravings because I’m giving my body what it needs versus depriving it then bingeing on random stuff.”
-Natalie S. | Diversity + Inclusion Associate | San Francisco

"I'm not as anxious and stressed out over deciding what my body needs. I am eating more mindfully and don't feel deprived in anyway."
-Ashna C. | Leadership Coach + Consultant | Dhaka

"I've worked with personal trainers. I've attempted short-lived juice cleanses. I've tried high intensity home workouts. Nothing has come close to matching the long-term impact Renee has had on my health and well-being."
-Paloma A. | Storyteller| San Francisco

Are you ready to end the struggle, confusion, obsession, guilt, shame, loathing and yo-yoing?

Let me help.

To learn more, check out my approach and the results I help my clients achieve.

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