How to Get a Bikini Body

I know I'm late to the game on this one as most magazines, sites and shows start serving up bikini body tips in March. And, if you're in San Francisco freezing your butt off, you're probably not thinking about swimsuits unless you're dreaming about a tropical vacation like I am.

But, I just came across this surefire method for getting a bikini body and couldn't wait to share it. I think it's powerfully transformative. Perhaps you will too.

How to get a bikini body:

Put a bikini on your body. 

I love this "tip." It's from an image floating around Facebook (sorry, I'm sourceless). It really resonates because it shines a spotlight on one of the many lies our culture has conditioned us to believe: that you must earn the right to wear a bikini by having the perfect body weight, size and shape.

Says who?

I mean, really, who wrote this ridiculous rule?

And why have most of us bought into it, causing ourselves unnecessary suffering?

Search "How to get a bikini body" on Google, and you'll get 151 million results! Yet, all of these three-week, six-step, 10-tip solutions are based on the belief that the body you have is not good enough.

I'm sadden by all the time, energy and life force we waste on our quest for perfection. When we strive for the perfect anything (body, diet, exercise routine, home, yard, etc.), what we're really striving for is acceptance, worthiness, deservability, attention, love, joy and peace. The problem is, none of these things come from external sources. Everything you believe the perfect X, Y and Z will give you, you already have within you right now.

So, if you believe you don't have a bikini body, you're wrong. You do.

And if you see others at the beach or pool and think they shouldn't be wearing a bikini, you're wrong. They should.

Instead of judging ourselves or others, let's celebrate and honor everyone's absolutely perfect, beautiful bikini body.