Ditch Resolutions for these...

Happy New Year!

I love all the possibility and potential a new year brings.

Years ago, however, I ditched the idea of making resolutions. They just didn't stick with me.

Instead, I started the following rituals, which have led to greater transformation, growth and contentment.

1. Year-end Gratitude List
At year-end, I write a long list of every gift that blessed my life in someway during the year. My 2013 gratitude list includes everything from family time, clients and friends new and old to my spiritual guides, my teachers, coastal hikes, and being able to run again after enduring a six-month injury.

2. Yearly Theme
Every January, I pick a one-word theme to act as my guiding focus for the year. It's a powerful intention that helps shape all my thoughts, behaviors and actions.

My theme is based on a particular feeling I want to embody, such as joy, peace, grounded or nourished, or something I want more of in my life like abundance, mindfulness, creativity, laughter, positivity, honesty, nature or movement.  

Sometimes I know my theme right away, and other times I mull over a few ideas for a bit. I know I've hit on the right one when it resonates deeply in my gut, heart, head and soul.

(Click here for tips on sticking to your theme year-round.)

Evolve Instead of Resolve
If these ideas speak to you, take some quiet time to first create your 2013 gratitude list then reflect on possible themes for 2014.

Keep in mind, it's not about resolving to change or fix anything but rather about evolving into your higher, true self.

Wishing you a very blessed 2014.