Living a Balanced Life

Learning to live a balanced life is like learning to ride a bike. When you learn to even out the wobble, you enjoy a smooth, exhilarating ride. When you lean too far to one side, you end up with a scraped elbow and bruised knee.
Work 12-hour days and your relationships suffer, your workout gear gathers dust, and your meals come from a carton.
Neglect yourself as you care for others and soon you're drained, out-of-shape and sporting your cranky pants every day.
Skimp on sleep and your productivity, focus and mood spiral downward as you power towards burnout on Skittles and Starbucks.
It's All Connected
My approach to health and wellness is holistic meaning I help my clients with not only the food on their plate, but with all the areas of their life that impact their well-being.
Of course, good nutrition is vital. However, food can fill you up, but it can't fulfill you.
Healthy relationships, an inspiring career, regular physical movement, creative pursuits, and a meaningful spiritual practice are essential forms of nourishment that feed you on a much deeper level and satisfy your hunger for life. To live a happy, healthy and balanced life, you need to respect and nourish all its aspects.
Restoring Balance
You came into this world perfectly balanced thus the ability to restore your balance is completely within you. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance or support.
Take a moment right now to reflect on where your life has become out of whack. What's causing you to fall off your bike?
Observe (without judgment) what problems this is causing.
Now, think of one small, simple step you can take today to start restoring balance. Perhaps it's a 10-minute walk break, ditching all e-gadgets after 7 p.m., scheduling a volunteer date with a pal, or stretching for five minutes before you hit the hay.
Trust that the little steps you take every day will lead to major transformation over time.
Savor a Scrape-Free Ride
Bringing more balance into your life will help you live with more ease and grace. Sure, some days will be a little wobbly. Overall, however, your life will become a much more fulfilling, joyful, and scrape-free ride.