A Different Kind of Appetite

I just returned from another amazing week of Eating Psychology Teacher Training at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating in Boulder.  This is the first time this training has been offered and I feel tremendously blessed to be given the opportunity to join together with a dynamic group of coaches all dedicated to helping others have a more positive, empowering relationship with food and their body.
Totally engrossed in the experience, I felt very little hunger throughout the week. Completely satiated by the teachings and wisdom sharing, my urge to eat was practically nonexistent.  My appetite for food was overshadowed by my appetite for knowledge, inspiration, connection and growth.

So often in life, when we aren't inspired, heeding our desires, or fulfilling our true potential, we turn to food, dieting, exercise, etc. to fill this internal void, to mask the gap between where we're at and where we long to be.  As a result, we find ourselves craving food (like sweets, chips and wine), overeating, binge eating, micromanaging our diet, obsessing over our weight, or exercising excessively.  All of these actions can be magnificent distractions from where the real action is, from honoring and acting on our deep desire to live a fuller, richer and more authentic life.
Take a moment to reflect on the times in your life when you were so utterly fed by your experience that everything else--food, dieting, your weight, your troubles--fell by the wayside.  How can you engage in similar experiences, ones that nourish your deepest desires and satisfy your natural appetite for inspiration, stimulation, connection and growth?