Paleo? Dukan? Atkins? Which Diet Will Give You Your Dream Bod?

A few years ago, my sister asked me what I thought of the Paleo Diet. Her question was met with a blank stare. I mean, I had heard of it, but didn't know enough to comment.

Same thing happened with the Dukan Diet. Had to Google that one too.

And, I must confess, I still get Atkins mixed up with South Beach.

One would think I would be quite familiar with all the popular diet plans.

To be honest, I pay them very little attention.


Because I'm too busy paying attention to myself.

You see, the only "diet" I follow is the "Renee Diet" and it doesn't come from a best-selling book.

Body Wisdom
Have you ever noticed that "diet" contains the word "die"?

I believe when you follow someone else's diet plan, something inside of you dies. That something is your innate ability to listen to your own body wisdom--and trust what it's telling you.

Your body doesn't make mistakes. It has a natural intelligence for maintaining perfect balance. It knows to breathe, to circulate blood, to hover around 98.6 degrees. And it knows what foods it needs to thrive. We've just become really good at ignoring it. Very few of us slow down and tune into the messages our body is sending us.

Every Body is Different
Many diet plans provide some beneficial nutrition nuggets. Overall, however, they are not typically sustainable for a long period because they don't take you--the individual--into consideration. When it comes down to it, people don't fail diets, diets fail people.

Every person has his or her own tastes, nutrition needs, metabolic rate, genetic background, environmental conditions, traditions, etc. A diet that works for one person may not work for another. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. It's about what your body is telling YOU; not what a celebrity, your best friend or fad diet book is saying.

Want What You Really Want
When folks started jumping on the no-carb bandwagon I kept my hands firmly on the breadbasket. I love bread. A crusty hunk of freshly baked bread dipped into a bowl of homemade soup brings me tremendous pleasure. Why would I deny myself this yumminess if I don't need to?

Have you given up something you don't need to?

Some people, of course, do well on a carb-lite diet, and enjoy it. Others, like me, need a hearty dose of good carbs to fuel and satisfy our bodies. Only you can determine what works best for you. It requires listening to and honoring your body as well as ongoing observation and experimentation.

When you befriend your body's desires, you will no longer feel deprived or chained to a list of "good" or "bad" foods.

I know you may be thinking "If I give my body what it asks for, I'll eat cookies and chips all day, every day." That's simply not true. By learning to listen to what your body is really asking for, you will discover that such cravings are a cry for nourishment that often doesn't come in the form of food.

By becoming present with your body and food, your body wisdom and natural appetite will surface.

When you let yourself want what you really want, your desire for a healthy body (what you really want) will override your desire for a second slice of cake.

Design Your Own "Diet"
Eating healthy really isn't all that complicated. After all, animals don't follow complex diet plans; they simply follow their natural instincts and eat the way Mother Nature intends them to (until humans mess them up).

I work with my clients to cultivate a deeper relationship with their bodies, one built on instinct, trust, love and respect. I help them listen to the messages their body is sending and to better understand what food and lifestyle choices work best for them based on their fabulous uniqueness. This insight empowers them to design their own "diet"--one that's perfectly suited to them and evolves as they do. 

If you'd like to have an easy and relaxed relationship with food--to eat in a way that brings you pleasure, fulfillment, nourishment and radiant health without deprivation or rigid rules, I invite you to request a Discovery Session by clicking here.