It's Not Your Fault

Over the years, I’ve heard many similar versions of the following story.

“I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, Whole 30, Paleo, Keto—you name it. And I’ve failed at every single one.

I’ll be good for a few days or weeks, sometimes months, and then I rebel or something happens and I can’t stick with it anymore. I fall off the wagon, eat whatever I’m not supposed to be eating, regain the weight I lost, often more, and feel guilty, ashamed, angry and disappointed.

I simply don’t have enough willpower and self-discipline. I can’t control myself. I need to try harder.”

Misdirected Blame
When we can’t adhere to a diet plan, we often go into self-blame and shame.

Rarely, do we blame the plan.

We don’t stop to consider that perhaps the plan has failed us.

We don’t point at the plan and ask: Is this flexible enough for my life? Does it honor my needs and preferences? Is it practical? Is it sustainable? Is it satisfying? Is it pleasurable? Is it kind?

Instead, we blame ourselves then go look for a new diet to feel better, to feel in control, to regain a sense of hope. It’s totally understandable. Diet culture has conditioned us to think and act this way.

In fact, the only winner in this vicious cycle is the $66 billion diet industry—an industry that has a 95 percent failure rate yet thrives on repeat customers.

The inability to stick with a diet is not your fault. Diets aren’t designed for long-term success.

Reclaim Your Power
The good news is, you can reclaim your power. You can exit the dieting cycle at any moment and return to the intuitive eater you came into this world as.

You can relearn how to listen to your innate body wisdom and trust it to guide you toward the most nourishing, pleasurable and sustainable choices for your unique being. 

It’s not a quick fix. It's a pathway to freedom.

Want to Feel Good in Your Body? Do This...

Do you want to feel better in your body?

Try this: Wear clothes that make you feel good.

This means dressing in comfortable clothes that you love—and that fit the body you have today.

Ditch the tight pants that dig into your waist, the ill-fitting bras that poke and pinch, and the underwear that’s constantly riding up.

Toss the oversized, baggy clothes you wear to hide your so-called problem areas.

We’ve all experienced what it feels like to spend the day wearing something that makes us feel miserably uncomfortable. It can be a major distraction and downer.

Waiting to buy new clothes in hopes that someday your body will be different is delaying what you deserve right now—to wear clothes that make you feel attractive, worthy and at ease in your body—no matter what your size or shape.

If it feels daunting to commit to buying a bunch of new clothes, start small.

Years ago, I replaced all my underwear. After doing so, every time I opened my drawer, I felt a surge of joy. Even though they weren’t anything fancy, they made me feel special.

By wearing well-fitting clothes, you’re honoring your here-and-now body. It’s truly an act of body kindness, love and respect.

A New Way to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day was always a very special occasion when I was young.

For dinner, my mom would make a heart-shaped meatloaf and individual heart-shaped strawberry Jell-O molds.

Afterwards, my dad would give each kid a shiny-red heart-shaped box of chocolates. He still sends us a box every year. I cherish this ritual.

I also love the idea of introducing a new Valentine’s Day ritual—one that doesn’t involve a bouquet of flowers, fancy restaurant meal or expensive sparkly jewelry. It doesn’t even involve another person.

In celebration of cupid’s day, I propose you take a moment to rest your hands on your heart and send your body some major love, adoration and appreciation.

After all, the relationship you have with your body is the longest relationship you will ever have. 

Love it up.