Transformative, Personalized Private Coaching

My private coaching program is an immersive, transformative and highly personalized experience thoughtfully crafted based on your unique needs and desires.  

By working together, you will learn how to tune into your innate body wisdom and trust it to guide you toward healthy, nourishing, kind and skillful choices.

I will empower, support and stretch you—
and hold you accountable.

As your dedicated coach, I will empower, support and stretch you—and hold you accountable for taking the small steps needed to reach your larger goals. With time, patience and commitment, trust that the little changes you make each day will lead to somewhere truly beautiful and profoundly transformative.

How It Works
My services are customized to your individual needs; however, here are the basics for my private coaching program: 

  • Private programs typically start with 10 sessions and are extended as needed. Some clients get support for 5 to 12 months, some for a few years. Keep in mind that lasting change takes time, especially if your habits are deeply ingrained or you've been struggling with your challenges for a long time. 

  • Because of the time required to truly change beliefs and behaviors, single sessions are not available. 

  • Your program begins with a 90-minute foundation session, followed by one-hour sessions held every other week.

  • Additional levels of support are available as recommended or desired.

  • In your sessions, we discuss what's going well and what challenges you're having, explore new concepts, review your "homework," and create an action plan for achieving your goals.

  • Sessions can be conducted in person or via phone or video. My office is located in the San Francisco Mission District with convenient access to Bart and many bus lines.

  • Program fees vary according to duration and level of support. Both full and monthly payment options are available.

Your first step is to request a complimentary consultation call. If I feel I can support you based on the information provided, I will recommend a course of action, including full program details.

Please note, if you're struggling with an eating disorder (e.g., bulimia, anorexia), or seeking adolescent or pediatric guidance, please seek support from a practitioner skilled in these areas.