Three Ways I Eat Healthy on the Road

I recently spent time with my sister Kris exploring Joshua Tree National Park.

Hiking in the park’s surreal desert landscape among the twisted, spiky Joshua trees, giant granite boulders and abundant wildflowers was truly an eye-popping, soul-nourishing experience.

Wherever I travel, I always do my best to maintain many of my healthy eating practices. Doing so helps ensure I feel good physically and mentally (i.e., not tired, bloated, sluggish, irritable, distracted, etc.), so I can fully enjoy my trip.

Here are three of the ways I eat healthy on the road:

1. Buy Fresh, Local Goods
Before I travel anywhere, I always research local farmers’ markets and producers. I love to explore and experience foods unique to the region, and pick up fresh vegetables, fruits and other wholesome fare to fuel my adventures.

2. Get a Kitchen
Whenever possible, I get a place with a kitchen so I can easily store food and prep meals.

This enables me to balance simple, scratch-made meals with more indulgent fare from local eateries (like the delicious toasted coconut and dark chocolate muffins I discovered at a Joshua Tree cafe).

Before arriving at our Joshua Tree cabin, my sister and I loaded up on groceries for our meals and snacks.

We also hit the Saturday farmers’ market, where we bought bundles of spring asparagus and bunches of leafy greens, including a few varieties we had never tasted before.

We had fun cooking in our tiny kitchen and enjoying new flavors and leisurely meals together.

3. Fly with Food
Whether my flight is one hour or 20 hours, I always expect delays and always pack plenty of food so I don’t have to rely on airport or airplane fare.

A typical in-flight lunch for me is an almond-butter sandwich with a side of sautéed kale. It holds up well and keeps me full for hours.

My sister was grateful I encouraged her to pack both a lunch and dinner for her long flight home. As her first flight was delayed, she had no time between connections to grab dinner at the airport.

Thankfully, along with the nut-butter sandwich and greens she had prepared for lunch, she had also packed a hummus and veggie sandwich for dinner, plus an apple and nuts for snacks.

This prevented her blood sugar, energy and mood from nosediving. And ensured she didn't arrive home a weary, cranky traveler.