Do You Have This Disorder?

Sometimes I have to tell my clients to take a hike.

And, I literally mean, take a hike.

It's often one of the best remedies for whatever's ailing them.

Nature-Deficit Disorder
For many of us, our modern lifestyle has removed us from nature disconnecting us from her rhythms and cycles and leading to what's been coined "nature-deficit disorder."

As a result, we experience higher levels of stress, low energy, crappy sleep, mood swings, brain fog, food cravings and more.

Can you relate?

My Outdoor Habit
From my coastal hikes to sunrise runs in Golden Gate Park, spending time outdoors both grounds and uplifts me.

It calms my mind, energizes my body, gets my creative juices flowing, miraculously diminishes my problems, and fills my heart with gratitude for all the gifts Mother Nature grants us each day.

Quite frankly, I can be pretty cranky without my daily dose of M.N.

Mother Nature's Healing Touch
Numerous studies have found that communing with Mother Nature can elevate overall health and well-being, including:

  • decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and inflammation
  • strengthening immunity
  • alleviating depression
  • lowering stress, tension and anxiety
  • improving focus, memory and attention (including ADD)
  • boosting energy, creativity and productivity
  • raising self-esteem
  • bestowing a sense of connectedness, meaning and purpose

More than anything, Mother Nature nourishes our soul. She wisely reminds us that we are never truly alone. She rejuvenates by attuning us to the earth's natural rhythms.

The Best Remedy
We instinctively know that Mother Nature is good for us on so many levels. Yet, our fast-paced, indoor, screen-addicted culture makes it so easy to forget how essential she is to our vitality.

Let me be a little birdie on your shoulder gently reminding you that sometimes the very best remedy for an unwanted condition or state is not in your medicine cabinet, refrigerator, wine rack, or some diet book. It's literally just outside your door.

What small step can you take this week to reconnect with Mother Nature? Perhaps you can move your morning workout outside, enjoy lunch al fresco, or take a post-dinner walk.

Go Wild!