A Quick Trick for Stopping Nighttime Nibbling

Following my sushi dinner last night, I had a hankering for a sweet treat. After pausing, I realized my sugar craving was my body’s attempt to balance out the salty meal I just consumed.

As I wasn’t physically hungry and my future self didn’t really want to suffer the consequences of a sugar hangover, I nipped my craving in the bud by brushing my teeth.

This simple yet powerful act can put an immediate end to your cravings. There’s nothing like a sparkling clean, minty fresh mouth to make you think twice about eating.

Not only does food taste awful post-toothbrushing, the thought of taking more time and energy to brush your teeth again before bed can also be a huge deterrent from consuming anything other than water after brushing your teeth.

Nighttime Nibbling
Brushing your teeth immediately after dinner is also an effective strategy for ending nighttime nibbling. You know, the mindless munching you do while watching TV, surfing the web or washing dishes (e.g., finishing up what’s left in the pan or on your kid’s plate).

The Root Level
While brushing your teeth is a quick trick for stopping nighttime (and daytime) nibbling and cravings, it’s extremely helpful to understand what’s driving your desire to eat when you’re not physically hungry. Doing so will enable you to address your impulses at the root level and make long-term behavior changes from the inside out.

Here are a few reasons why you might struggle with nighttime snacking or intense cravings. For one-on-one help getting to the root of your desires, give me a shout.