Are You Holding Out On Yourself?

Naturally, we all want to be loved unconditionally.

Yet, so many of us love ourselves conditionally. It sounds something like…

“I will love myself when I lose 20 pounds.”

“I will love myself when I stop binging on sugar.”

“I will love myself when I have a flatter belly.”

Why do we withhold love from ourselves until we change?

Perhaps, like many, you believe you’re not worthy of love in your current state, or that by hating on yourself, you’ll be more motivated to change. Or maybe you think that accepting yourself means giving up on yourself. 

The great paradox is that you can love and accept yourself just as you are, yet still want to change. The difference—and this is a big difference—is that you’re acting from a place of love, not loathing.

Change fueled by unconditional self-love and acceptance is a far more empowering, energizing and enduring approach. And it's way more enjoyable.  

Self-loathing and rejection will never ever lead to greater self-love and genuine, lasting change. Nor will it lead to the peace, freedom, ease and happiness you long for.

Your journey informs your destination.

You have the power to decide. The choice is yours.

May you choose love.