What "Nails" Are You Lying On?

Have you heard the story about the whining, whimpering dog?

There are many different variations of it, however the message stays the same. It goes something like this:

On her daily walk, Sue would pass an elderly woman sitting on her porch reading the newspaper. Her dog was always lying at her feet, whining and whimpering nonstop.

Finally, one day, Sue stopped and asked the woman what was wrong with her dog.

The woman replied, “Oh, him, he’s lying on a nail.”

Bewildered, Sue asked why the dog didn’t get off the nail.

The woman responded, “Well, honey, it hurts just enough for him to moan about it, but not enough for him to move yet."  

Choosing Pain Over Change
When it comes to food and our body, many of us are sitting on nails that cause us discomfort, discontent and frustration—yet we resist doing anything about it. We choose pain over change.

We drag our feet with cooking dinner, going to the gym, hitting the hay earlier or exploring meditation. Instead, we make endless excuses and moan and groan to ourselves and others about our dissatisfaction, whether it’s with our food choices, achy body, low energy or high stress level. 

Stuck in the Same Old Spot
Sometimes we devise plans for getting off the nails that are poking, prodding and piercing us, yet find ourselves still sitting in the same old painful spot, or quickly returning to it. There are many reasons why this happens, such as: 

  • You believe the perceived “pain” of taking action will be worse than staying put. (e.g., Getting out of bed early to exercise will cause me more misery than how sluggish I feel.)
  • You are overwhelmed by your options and confused about what action to take. (e.g., Should I do a detox or a cleanse, cut carbs or go vegan?)
  • You’re scared about how changing could negatively impact you or those around you. (e.g., If I go to the gym, then I’ll have less time with my kids.)
  • The painful position you’re in is more comfortable and familiar than the discomfort and uncertainty of change. (e.g., Feeling gassy and bloated is less daunting than changing my diet.)
  • You’re attempting an approach that’s not right for your unique body, nature or preferences. (e.g., Meat makes me feel sluggish, but I want to follow the Paleo diet.) 
  • You don’t believe, either consciously or subconsciously, that change is really possible. (e.g., I’ve never been able to stick with eating healthy; this time will be no different.)
  • You lack the know-how, motivation, guidance, support or accountability needed to get off—and stay off—the nail. (e.g., I do really well for a few weeks, than I fall off the wagon the minute my routine is disrupted.)

What Nails Are You Lying On?
Take a moment to reflect on the nails you’re lying on. What are you complaining about that you're not taking action to change? Where are you stuck?

Whatever your nails are, if you’re ready to finally get off of them so you can experience greater ease, peace, joy and wellbeing, give me a shout