How I Stopped Eating Cookies in Bed

In my last post, I talked about how changing a behavior or habit typically doesn’t happen quickly or easily. Rather, it usually happens slowly over a period of time and requires repetitive, deliberate practice—and a hearty dose of patience. 

Often, it can be quite helpful to get support with making the changes you desire, whether it’s from your partner, friend, therapist or coach. Having someone hold you accountable can make all the difference.

Sometimes, support can come from unexpected places.

Unforeseen Support
Some years ago, I developed a habit of eating cookies in bed while reading. This typically happened on weekend nights after drinking a glass or two of wine. It was a habit I wanted to kick, yet struggled to do so. I didn’t like the crumbs in my bed, the mindless eating or the late-night sugar hit. Despite all this, the habit stuck like super glue. Until… apartment was raided by ants. 

For months, I would catch ants crawling across my kitchen table, my keyboard, my couch, and yes, even my bed. 

Of course, this was extremely annoying and agitating.

However, there is nothing like the possibility of ants in your bed to get a girl to stop leaving a sugar trail on her sheets!

Universe On My Side
My feelings toward the ants completely changed when I remembered that the Universe is always on my side. I busted out laughing upon realizing the Universe had sent the ants my way to help me release a habit I was yearning to let go of. It was simply fulfilling my wishes!

So, in the end, I was grateful for the ants. I still didn't want them in my home (thank goodness, they moved on), but I’m glad they decided to move in for a while.

May my story encourage you to look for the gift in your challenges, no matter how big or small. And, may it remind you that you don't have to wait for the discomfort of "ants" to get the support you desire and deserve to make lasting change.