Without this Key Ingredient, You're Bound to Overeat

Tonight, I found myself looking in my cupboard for something to eat even though my belly was full from the dinner I had just finished.

Have you ever done this?

Obviously, I wasn’t physically hungry. What I was really hungry for was pleasure—a key ingredient missing from my meal.

The soup I made just wasn’t doing it for me. I tried a new recipe with disappointing results. No matter what I did to jazz it up, it just didn’t make my mouth sing. It was good enough to eat, but not yummy enough to meet my innate desire for pleasure.

Low-pleasure foods can show up on your plate in many ways. It may be due to a recipe not turning out quite right, a diet plan that doesn't satisfy your taste buds, or a meal made with poor quality ingredients. Regardless, when your meal doesn't provide pleasure, you will seek satisfaction from more food.  

So, the next time you find yourself rummaging through your pantry or fridge with a full belly, hit the breaks, put on your detective hat and investigate if your actions are due to a pleasure deficiency. If they are, use this knowledge to switch things up going forward.

If you determine your overeating isn’t due to a lack of pleasure, click here for five more possibilities.