One Reason Why You Might Crave Sugar

Do you have a wicked sweet tooth?

There are many different reasons why you might crave sugar from a macronutrient imbalance, dehydration and sleep deprivation to caffeine consumption, suppressed emotions and a pleasure deficit.

After decades of binging on sugar, I rarely crave it these days. When I do have a physical craving (versus an emotional craving) for a sweet treat, it almost always follows a salty meal.

As I've mentioned before, cravings are messages from your body that something is out of balance. Craving sugar after a salty meal could be your body's attempt to restore balance.

Balancing Yin and Yang
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, salt possesses yang energetic qualities. It's contractive, warming, drying and compact.

Sugar possesses yin energetic qualities. It's expansive, cooling, moistening and light. Sugar ascends energy whereas salt descends energy.

When you have too much of one, your very wise body will crave the other to reestablish balance between yin and yang.

Slash the Salt
The next time you have a sugar craving, reflect on how much salt you've been consuming. If you suspect salt or other sources of sodium (e.g., monosodium glutamate/MSG, sodium citrate, sodium nitrate, etc.) might be driving your sweet tooth, experiment with reducing your consumption and notice what difference it makes.

Keep in mind, the majority of sodium in our diet comes from outside of the home, including processed, packaged items (e.g. bread, soup, snack foods), grocery store prepared foods (e.g., salad bar, deli), and restaurant fare.

To reduce your sodium intake, eat mostly home-cooked foods made with fresh, whole ingredients and seasoned with spices, herbs, citrus, vinegar, etc. instead of salt.

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