Are You at War?

I'm guessing you're not a big fan of war.

Most of us aren't. 

Yet, so many of us are constantly waging a war with our very own body--fighting it instead of loving it. 

Being at war with your body means...

  • Attacking its size, weight and shape

  • Berating its reflection in the mirror

  • Fighting its natural appetite

  • Depriving it of pleasurable foods and experiences

  • Punishing it with excessive and/or unenjoyable exercise

  • Beating it up with incessant shouldn't have eaten "X" thoughts 

  • Ignoring its aches, pains and hurts

It's quite likely that you, like so many of us, have been conditioned to believe that all the happiness, love, acceptance and peace you long for will finally arrive once you've conquered all these "enemies" and attained your ideal diet and body.

The thing is, the more you attack your body and behavior, the more entrenched you become in your internal war--and the further you become from having what you truly want at the deepest level of your being.

All this self-imposed suffering drains your life force, contracts your world, keeps you playing small, and stops you from realizing the fullest creative expression of yourself.


just as you have the power to wage war, 

you have the power to end it.

It all starts with releasing the core belief that fuels it:   

I'm not enough.

Buddha said, "All we are is the result of what we have thought." When you believe you're not enough just as you are, than no matter what you attain, it will never, ever be enough to make you feel like you're finally, truly enough. 

If you're tired of cursing, critiquing and condemning your body and behavior, than I encourage you to bring compassionate curiosity to the false belief that you're not enough. The simple act of bringing awareness to it--and the thoughts and actions it triggers--is the first step toward releasing it. 

Ask yourself, "How does this belief show up in my life? What role does it play in my suffering?"


You choose your beliefs. 

And your beliefs create your life. 

You have the power to change them.

The choice is yours.

And, if you believe it's hard to release the belief that you're not enough, realize that this, too, is just a belief.

To Your Enough-ness.