Is This How You Live?

I recently heard renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins share an observation that struck me as both hilariously true and horrendously sad.  Basically, what he said was:
We live a boxed life.
We wake up in a box.
Eat breakfast from a box.
Go to work in a box (car, bus, subway, train).
Float up in a box to get to our box office.
Work all day in a box.
Type on a box, talk on a box, message on a box.
Go to meetings in a box.
Eat a box lunch.
Go home in a box.
Sit in our box, cook in a box, stare at a box.
Go to sleep in a box.
Pretty crazy when you think about it
It's no wonder so many of us are feeling sluggish, tired, uninspired, flat and numb.
Our boxed life is sucking the life out of us.
As a result, we often reach for coffee, chocolate, cookies, soda, Red Bull, Facebook, YouTube and other picker-uppers for stimulation.  These strategies make perfect sense, and work, albeit temporarily.
Often, the very things we turn to for an energetic boost, stimulation and liberation leave us feeling more drained and constrained.
Sure, living a boxed life can be quite comfy, safe and necessary at times.  But it can also stifle our life force--that is, our internal energy for expressing our soul's desires.

The good news is that we have the power to bust out.

Breaking free of our boxed life can liberate our life force ultimately energizing our mind, body and soul.  As a result, our creative juices start flowing, we're more motivated to take care of ourselves, we become more curious and less controlling, we laugh more and whine less, and we experience more joy.
How can you step outside of your boxed life?
Perhaps it's an evening walk instead of TV watching or Internet surfing.  Maybe it's riding your bike to work, ditching the gym for the park, holding meetings outside, conversing in person instead of via text, cooking over an open fire instead of in a microwave, or dining al fresco.  
Get creative.  Think--and live--outside your box!