Three Tasty Faves

Today I'm dishing up three of my favorite nutrient-rich condiments that will boost your food's flavor and your health. You can find them at your local health food store (e.g., Whole Foods) or online. Give 'em a whirl and let me know what you think.

Salad Booster
Coined "rocket fuel for your salad" by its creator Living Intentions, this zesty seasoning mix will jazz up your greens, grains, well pretty much everything.

A nutrient powerhouse, it contains spirulina, chlorella, sea veggies, Himalayan pink salt, chia seeds, seed sprouts, lemon peel and more. I love mixing a pinch or two with avocado and dulse flakes for a yummy sandwich spread.


Coconut Aminos
With its rich, salty flavor, this nutrient-rich soy- and gluten-free sauce can be used in place of soy sauce or tamari. Made with raw coconut tree sap and sun-dried sea salt, it has less sodium than soy sauce and contains 17 amino acids. Essential for optimal health, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in your body.

I use it in this recipe for Zingy Creamy Tahini Sauce.  Note, it does not taste like coconut!

Dulse Flakes
Dulse is a sea vegetable that's been harvested for centuries due to its rich profile of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. High in iodine, it can support thyroid function.

Although low in sodium, the dried flakes add a salty flavor to foods. Sprinkle them on everything from grains, pastas and eggs to soups, salads and popcorn. I add it to canned wild salmon when making my favorite go-to lunch.

As dulse is so mineral rich, limit consumption to about a quarter-teaspoon a day to avoid overdosing and skip it if you have hyperthyroidism or are pregnant.

To deliciously healthy eats!