'Tis the Season for STRESS!

Seasons Greetings!

It seems like most folks I encounter these days are running around like crazy, super stressed and overwhelmed by their mile-long holiday to-do list and numerous social obligations. They're anything but jolly.
For the past month, I've been helping my clients develop simple strategies for reducing their holiday stress. One client delegated the outdoor decorating entirely to her kids. She also ditched writing her annual holiday letter. Although she struggles with moments of guilt for not doing it, she also feels tremendous relief from releasing a tradition that no longer provides the level of delight and satisfaction it once did.
What can you let go of this season to make your holidays lighter and brighter?
Perhaps it's...

  • trimming your shopping list (or forgoing gift-giving altogether)
  • declining invites to festivities you don't relish or when you feel overcommitted
  • minimizing your decorating, cookie baking or card sending
  • scaling back your holiday feasts by a dish or two
  • relinquishing unrealistic expectations for a picture-perfect holiday 

Whatever it is, release it without guilt, anxiety or profuse justification. See how simplifying the season restores that special twinkle in your eye and creates more space for joy, peace and presence.
Happy, Healthy Holidays!