Client Results

My collective training in eating psychology, mind-body nutrition and holistic health combined with my rich client experience, personal journey, and insatiable appetite for knowledge, has given me powerful, proven protocols, breakthrough strategies, and practical tools for helping my clients:

  • take care of themselves holistically—that is, their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being

  • discover how to best nourish their unique body

  • trust their innate body wisdom, including its internal cues of hunger, fullness, desire and satisfaction

  • understand and address root causes of cravings, overeating, emotional eating and binge eating

  • let go of dieting, restricting, depriving and rule following

  • end food confusion, angst, guilt and shame

  • spend less time and energy obsessing over food and weight

  • cultivate greater awareness and mindfulness

  • obtain more pleasure and satisfaction from eating

  • prioritize self-care and self-compassion

  • transform body image, elevate body acceptance and feel good in their skin

  • create a body-positive mindset, community and culture

  • infuse joyful movement into their day

  • amplify and sustain energy naturally

  • prepare simple, healthy home-cooked meals and snacks

  • improve digestion and regularity

  • reduce gas, bloating, constipation and heartburn

  • sleep more soundly and wake rejuvenated

  • understand and stabilize mood swings

  • boost confidence

  • decrease stress, anxiety, overwhelm and self-sabotage

  • improve focus, clarity and productivity

  • eat healthier at work and on the road 

  • enrich personal relationships and social life

  • improve work-life balance and career satisfaction

  • optimize overall health and well-being (A+ doctor reports!)

  • and much more

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