Is Fear Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals (Like Losing Weight)?

Did you know that four out of five people who make New Year’s resolutions will break them, often before the end of January?

Despite good intentions, there are many reasons why people struggle with following through with their resolutions. Vague or unrealistic goals, lack of accountability or support, and simply not being committed are just a few.

Another reason is fear. It can be one of our biggest barriers to reaching our goals.

Often, we’re unaware that it's fear that's holding us back as it can reside on the subconscious level.

Take weight loss, for example.

Weight Loss Fears
You might be weight-loss resistant or self-sabotage as you start shedding pounds because of one or more fears regarding what might not be so good about losing weight, such as:

  • I will just gain it back.
  • It will be a struggle to maintain.
  • I'll have to give up all my favorite foods forever.
  • I’ll have to constantly deprive and restrict myself.
  • I will no longer share this struggle or bond with family members or friends.
  • I will have to finally confront everything I’ve been putting on hold until I lose weight (e.g., dating, finding a new job, changing careers, ending a bad relationship, etc.).
  • I will attract unwanted attention.
  • I still won’t be happy.

Although it may not seem like it, your fears are trying to keep you safe, to protect you from discomfort of any kind.

Whenever resistance surfaces around a desired change, I help my clients explore with compassionate curiosity what role fear might be playing. 

We then focus on understanding and overcoming their fears so they can move forward with attaining their goals.