One Simple Step for Eating Healthier

When it comes to eating healthier, one of the easiest places to start is upgrading the foods you already enjoy to higher-quality versions. Doing so will infuse your whole being with more life force, sustainable energy, pleasure and nutrients.

High vs. Low
High-quality foods are fresh, whole, real, local, organic, seasonal, nutrient-rich and produced with integrity and love. They make you feel alive, vibrant, clear and nourished.

Low-quality foods are highly refined and processed, mass-produced, and loaded with sugar, salt, unhealthy fats, industrial ingredients, artificial flavorings, chemicals and toxic substances that pollute your body and the earth.

Whenever you're feeling rundown, sluggish, flat, foggy, bloated, buzzy or cranky, take a good look at what you're fueling your body with. Where do your choices fall on the quality spectrum?

Knock it Up a Notch (or Two)
Start this week by elevating one or two of your everyday foods to a higher-quality counterpart. For example:

  1. Switch from conventional to organic milk and yogurt. If you already buy organic, go for a local brand.
  2. Boost your bread by buying 100% whole grain. Bonus points if it has no added sugars. Triple points if it's locally baked. (In San Francisco, I'm a big fan of Josey Baker's Dark Mountain Rye.)
  3. Make steel-cut oats instead of instant oatmeal. Too big of a leap? Start with rolled oats. 
  4. Shop for fruits and veggies at your farmers' market instead of the supermarket.
  5. Swap margarine and fake butters for the real deal.
  6. Forgo mass-produced cheese for artisanal cheese.
  7. Buy a small quantity of organic, grass-fed meat over a large quantity of commercially raised meat.
  8. Eat wild salmon instead of farmed. Already on the wild side? Upgrade to sustainable fisheries. 
  9. Switch from conventional eggs and chicken to organic, pasture-raised ones.
  10. Go for BPA-free canned tomatoes and beans, like Muir Glen and Eden Foods.
  11. Enjoy premium ice cream made with just a few natural ingredients rather than 23 laboratory ones.
  12. Make homemade popcorn instead of microwave popcorn.
  13. Replace diet soda with naturally flavored sparkling water (add strawberries, ginger or cucumber slices to bubbly water for a super refreshing drink).
  14. Make salad dressing instead using store-bought dressing (it only takes a minute!).
  15. Nibble on high-quality, organic dark chocolate rather than handfuls of M&Ms.

Put Your Money in Your Fruit Bowl
Some of these changes may cost a bit more, but wouldn't you rather put your money in your fruit bowl than your medicine cabinet? 

Also, because higher quality food tastes better, you'll be satisfied with less.

Start small. Do what you can.

Trust that the little changes you make today will lead to major transformation over time. 

To Simple Steps!