8 Healthy Holiday Party Tips

‘Tis the season to be jolly…and to overindulge. To maintain your health and your waistline while enjoying all the seasonal delights, follow these healthy holiday party tips: 

1. No meal skipping
Skipping meals to save up calories for party fare almost always leads to overeating. Eat a nourishing breakfast and lunch, then a light snack just before the event.

2. Eat before imbibing
Alcohol diminishes self-control and triggers overeating. Waiting to enjoy a libation until after you’ve eaten will help blunt the effects of alcohol and stop you from attacking the cheese tray or dessert table. 

3. Downsize your plate
When possible, use a cocktail plate (or just a napkin), especially at buffets. Numerous studies have shown that people consume considerably less food when using a smaller plate, bowl and glass. 

4. Scan and plan
Scan the food table to create a plan before filling your plate. If you don’t love it, leave it. Select only the foods you truly treasure and skip your least favorites. For a balanced meal, be sure to include lean protein and simply prepared vegetables.

5. Limit the variety
Variety stimulates appetite. At the food table, limit your selections to just two items at a time instead of filling your plate with 12 different dishes on the first pass.

6. Chew your food
Thoroughly chewing each bite leads to eating less and better digestion.

7. Add fun and games
Take the focus off food by enjoying group activities. Play charades, cards or board games, make something crafty, go sledding or take a walk.

8. Bring gum or mints
Once you’ve had your fill of food, pop a piece of gum or a mint in your mouth or brush your teeth. Doing so will squash any temptations to continue noshing.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy holiday season.

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