You Gotta Love It to Lose It

A few years ago the shape of my body changed in ways that frustrated me to no end. I cursed my flabby belly and thighs. I avoided looking at mirrors and ceased wearing jeans. Entire days would be consumed--and ruined--by my crappy bad-body thoughts.
No matter what I did--exercised harder, ate fewer cookies, drank less wine--my weight didn't budge. So I continued attacking it, attacking myself, attacking life.
I was losing the war I was waging against myself. My attack/fight/condemn strategy was failing miserably.
Of course it was. What you resist persists.
As long as I was resisting my shape (and the soul lesson it was trying to teach me), my shape remained.
A New Shape-Shifting Strategy
Completely fed up, I decided to switch strategies. Instead of bashing my body, I tried loving it. With radical acceptance, I embraced my squishier belly, curvier hips, thicker thighs, and flabbier backside.
I won't lie; it wasn't easy. Not at first. But I kept at it and eventually fell in love with my body--and the person inside of it.
By reshaping my inner world, I reshaped my metabolic world. Over time, my body shape-shifted and settled into a new place that felt just right for me. I didn't do anything drastic. I simply brought love into the picture. By doing so, I started to relax.
Relax and Release
A relaxed state is the optimum state for metabolism, weight loss, digestion, really all healing. My nonstop self-attacks and persistent resistance were putting my body in a chronic, low-level state of stress.
When you're constantly stressed, regardless of the stressor (body hate, boss, bills, boyfriend), your body stays stuck in fight or flight mode. As a result, it pumps out excess fat-storing hormones, diminishes fat-burning and muscle-building hormones, deregulates appetite, and more.

My body-bashing strategy was taking me in the opposite direction of where I wanted to go.
The more relaxed I became, the more I empowered my metabolism.
Go With the Flow
Accepting your body as it is doesn't necessarily mean that you no longer want to change it, that you've given up, or that you start eating with wild abandon. Accepting what is means choosing to move with the flow of life with ease and grace, rather than against it kicking and screaming.

Acceptance, not resistance, will take you where you want to go.
Love Leads to Love
Your journey informs your destination. Self-attack and self-loathing cannot possibly lead to self-love, peace and happiness. Conditional love does not lead to unconditional love.

You cannot hate yourself into your ideal body. Well, you can, but it won't be long lasting. You will struggle to maintain the weight on your body--and to release the weight in your mind, heart and soul.
Love it to Lose It
Try adding unconditional love and acceptance to your weight-loss tool kit (or to any unwanted habit or condition). With compassionate curiosity, test it out and see what happens.

Really, you have nothing to lose other than the possibility of shedding some pounds and the probability of eliminating your bad-body thoughts and feelings. Even if the number on the scale never changes, what you see in the mirror and feel in your heart will.