Diana's Story & My Weight Loss Thoughts

The other day, my client Diana stopped by to show off her foxy new curves--the result of her patience, perseverance, and willingness to let go of habits that were no longer serving her and embrace new ones with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

Diana's story inspired me to share some of my weight loss thoughts. Perhaps these insights will re-shape your beliefs and relationship with weight.

Diana's Story
"I first attended Renee's sugar workshop a year ago. I didn't think of myself as someone who ate a lot of sugar, nor did I want to give it up. I'd been making slow progress losing weight by cooking more, eating vegetables and whole grains, and exercising regularly. As a result of Renee's talk, I considerably reduced sugar and no longer crave it.
Since I joined her Eat Clean group program last fall, I've lost 25 pounds. At first, it was barely a trickle but I stuck with it.

I look at food differently thanks to Renee's workshop and guidance. I've significantly revamped my diet focusing on energy and portion size, not deprivation.

More importantly, I've explored a lot of fun options for exercise from hula hooping to stand-up paddleboarding. My body responded in kind. I'm wearing pants that were in the back of the closet for 15 years. Thank you Renee for the support and change in attitude."
Diana Wynne | Consultant, Writer & World Traveler | San Francisco

Diana's stellar success is not only a result of patience, perseverance and self-compassion, but also a willingness to experiment and seek support from myself and others. Thanks for the inspiration, Diana!

My Weight Loss Thoughts
I always tell my clients I cannot guarantee weight loss--no one can. It is a complex, enlightening, beautiful and often maddening mystery.

I do, however, guarantee that I will provide them with a personalized toolkit and system as well as unwavering support and accountabiity to assist them on their weight loss journey.
Following are a few of my weight loss thoughts collected from my own personal journey as well as experiences shared by clients and friends.
Weight loss is more than calories in/out
If it were just a simple matter of calories in and out, then a lot more people wouldn't be struggling to lose weight.
So many factors affect weight including stress, sleep deprivation, genes, medications, illness, metabolic rate, thyroid conditions, hormonal imbalances, menopause, food allergies or intolerances, eating speed, meal timing, chronic dieting, activity level, food quality, environmental toxins, suppressed emotions, undigested life experiences... I think you get my point.
There is no exact formula or timetable
For years, we've bought into the guideline of cutting 3,500 calories a week to lose a pound a week. This far too simplistic formula discounts the incredible uniqueness and wisdom of our bodies and all the factors listed above. As such, I've seen it fail many times.
No one diet works for everyone
Of course, the latest best-selling book will try to convince you otherwise! Your body is utterly unique. No one has one like yours and no one knows it better than you. The best "diet" plan is the one in which you tune into your own body wisdom and trust it to guide you.
Your journey informs your destination
If your weight-loss strategy focuses on deprivation, deadlines, rigid rules, unsatisfying foods and punishing workouts than you will end up a deprived, drained, unfulfilled, anxious and rigid rule follower. Sounds attractive!
Imagine the outcome if you approached weight loss with compassion, loving-kindness, curiosity, patience and pure pleasure. This is the only way to cultivate lasting change.
Stressful approaches backfire
If your weight-loss approach is based on stressful actions, such as strict calorie restriction, tedious point counting, complex guidelines, toxic thoughts or excessive exercise, it will generate stress ultimately increasing your production of cortisol.
Cortisol is a fat-storage hormone that packs on pounds, increases appetite, and decreases your weight-loss ability. Plus, any strategy that sucks is hard to sustain.
What worked before won't always work again
It's natural to believe that what worked before should work again. I once lost weight by slashing calories and exercising excessively. This strategy completely failed me years later. Your body is in a constant state of change; what it needs to thrive today may be totally different tomorrow.
Weight loss is full of false promises
Sure, when you reach your goal weight you might be more satisfied with what you see in the mirror or with how your clothes fit. I totally get that.
Our culture, however, has conditioned us to believe that being thin means you will be happier, healthier and more loveable, attractive, successful, deserving, and so on. Think of all the miserable, unhealthy skinny people you know and you'll see this isn't the case.

Besides fitting into a specific jean size, everything you believe you will be when you're at your ideal weight you can be right now.

Don't put your life on hold for some arbitrary number or "perfect" shape. Grab a hula hoop and start swinging your hips with unconditional love, peace, acceptance and happiness today.