Client Success Story: Learn How Kris Went from Blah to Bodacious!

Today I'm shining a spotlight on one of my superstar clients, Kris Atkins. Learn how her life has radically changed since she stopped making excuses and playing small and started taking full-on responsibility for living her best life. Her transformation is so inspiring you'll want to send her a big virtual high-five!

Interview with Superstar Client Kris Atkins

Why did you seek out a health coach?
I was tired of feeling blah. I knew I needed to lose some weight, exercise more and eat healthier, but lacked the motivation and support to do much about it.

I had headaches and backaches daily and suffered from chronic pelvic pain. I was uninspired in the kitchen and had grown frustrated with trying to feed my fairly finicky family. As a mother of two very active sons, I was always putting my family's needs above my own. All of this often left me feeling tired, overwhelmed, resentful and cranky.

When Renee told me about her work, I knew she would provide the kick in the pants I needed to make the lasting changes I desired. Without her support, I'd probably still be hitting the snooze button, skipping my workouts and taking Ibuprofen every day.

What were your goals?
I had a lot of goals and kept adding more as I accomplished many of them much quicker than I anticipated. Overall, I wanted to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more consistently, enjoy more life balance, and be a better role model for my sons.

To achieve my program goals, we set small goals during each session like drinking more water, registering for a 5K race, eating more greens, cooking meatless meals, trying a new whole grain, going to bed 30 minutes earlier, creating a family exercise calendar and signing up for a meditation class. These stepping stones made reaching my larger goals so much easier.

What were your sessions like?
As I live in Omaha and Renee's in San Francisco, my sessions were conducted over the phone. During our calls, we talked about what was going well and what areas I felt challenged by.

Renee really helped me see things from a fresh perspective. I often experienced two or three "ahas" during every session. She challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and stretched me to try new things--something I really needed to get out of my rut.

I always hung up feeling inspired and ready to tackle my new list of action items. Knowing she was holding me accountable and that I had to report my progress back to her really motivated me to stay committed and accomplish my goals.

What were some of your biggest breakthroughs?
Cooking for Me!
I used to plan dinner based on what I thought my family would eat without complaints. This left me feeling dissatisfied and uninspired in the kitchen. Renee encouraged me to pick recipes that sounded yummy to me, and to not worry whether or not my family would eat the dishes.

At first, there was some serious nose scrunching. I simply told them I didn't care if they ate it, which resulted in some very weird looks after years of me badgering them try new foods. I stuck with it, focusing on my pleasure first, and began really having fun in the kitchen again. Eventually everyone became more adventurous eaters and started enjoying trying new foods with me.

Deconstructing My Cravings
Renee's coaching on deconstructing my cravings was another breakthrough for me. She helped me understand what triggers me to reach for chips when I'm not hungry and how to identify what I really need instead whether it's a glass of water, a walk, or a nap.

Also, my cravings and tolerance for sugar have totally diminished. Just the other day I swiped a piece of candy--an old favorite--from my son's stash and I was pleasantly surprised at how awful it tasted. It's actually rare for me to have a sweet tooth these days. I'm still working on my hankering for salty snacks, however!

Another huge breakthrough for me... 

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