Client Success Story - PART 2: How Kris Went From Blah to Bodacious (Without Giving Up Wine or Cheese!)

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What were some of your biggest breakthroughs?
Another huge breakthrough was slowing down and eating with presence. I hadn't realized what a fast and distracted eater I was. Renee taught me how to be more mindful by doing things like chewing more and not reading while eating. It was really challenging at first, and I still struggle with the urge to multitask during my meals. However, by slowing down I get so much more satisfaction and pleasure from my meals. Plus, I eat less as I'm more tuned in to my hunger level. I really credit these changes for helping me bust through my weight-loss plateau.

Most importantly, Renee helped me realize I didn't need to settle for a life overshadowed by the chronic pelvic pain I had been enduring for years. She encouraged me to explore various remedies including both Western and Eastern treatments. I ended up electing to have a major surgery.

Renee was by my side throughout my recovery ensuring I was doing what was needed to nourish and heal my body. Unable to exercise for two months, I was concerned about gaining weight and losing my fitness level. She assured me that I would get back on track in no time and she was right. Thanks to the good habits I acquired prior to my surgery, I didn't gain any weight during my recovery and eased back into my running much sooner than I anticipated. In fact, I just signed up for my first 10K!

What results did you get?
I lost 20 pounds, started running for the first time in 22 years, enjoy cooking and eating more, snack better, and have more energy and focus. Exercise is now a priority and something I look forward to. My mood is much better, headaches and backaches are rare, and I'm less stressed and irritable. I'm still working on getting enough sleep!

Taking better care of myself has really boosted my confidence. I feel empowered and am more in tune with myself emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

The changes I've made have also benefitted my family. Everyone is eating healthier, doing more exercise, helping more with home projects and cooking, and working together more as a team. My relationship with my husband has gone from fine to fantastic! We're communicating better, spending more quality time together and having more fun.

People often asked me what I'm doing to look so good. And, my husband loves my new runner's legs and butt! (of course, I do too!)

It's for all these reasons and more that I keep renewing my program with Renee. She's had a huge impact on my life.

Anything else you'd like to share?
These changes would not have been possible if I hadn't made a major mindset shift. I had to scrap the same old story I had been telling myself for years. That is, that I'm too busy, that I'm too tired, that there isn't enough time, that it's selfish to put myself first, that it's too hard, that I will have to give up things I love (like wine and cheese, which I didn't!).

I learned that by prioritizing my health and well-being, everyone benefits. My family's health improves along with mine and they no longer get a depleted, cranky version of me.

Most importantly, I learned that external change starts with internal change. And that lasting change comes from a place of love, acceptance, kindness, patience and pleasure--not from deprivation, shame, guilt or quick fixes. I was happy before, but I feel my happiness so much more now that I've cleared away all the gunk that was preventing it from shining fully.

-Kris Atkins

April 2012 Update: Kris has successfully maintained a 22 pound weight loss and just finished her first half marathon. Click here to learn how she stays motivated to exercise.

*Distance is not a limiting factor! Kris achieved her life-changing results as a phone client living 1,677 miles from me.  If you're ready to ditch your junky eating and lifestyle habits, start now by clicking here to request a Discovery Session.