How to Not Feel Like a Stuffed Turkey

As Thanksgiving rolls into town, I'm reminded of comments my client Kris made post-holiday last year.
"I was so proud of myself for not overeating on Thanksgiving. It felt good! For the first time ever, I actually felt energized after the meal rather than stuffed, bloated and sleepy. Not overeating wasn't hard and I didn't feel like I was depriving myself. Instead, I felt like I was honoring my body, my family, and the delicious feast by giving each the time, love and respect they deserved."
Wouldn't you like to know Kris' tricks?
They're really quite simple.

And, considering the average American consumes a whopping 4,500 calories and 220 grams of fat on Turkey Day (lordy!), you may just want to put a few of her tips into practice.
Kris' Healthy Holiday Eating Tips & Tricks
Here's what Kris does to avoid feeling like a butterball:

  1. Kicks off her day with an invigorating run.
  2. Commits to staying awake at that plate--that is, eating mindfully with presence.
  3. Selects only the appetizers, dishes and desserts she absolutely loves and leaves the others for those who love them more. 
  4. Slows down to avoid shoveling down sweet potatoes and stuffing with her face planted in her plate. 
  5. Consciously and thoroughly chews her food, resting her hands on her holiday napkin between each bite.
  6. Savors every moment with her family, filling up on their love instead of mashed potatoes and merlot.
  7. Bundles everyone up for a hearty post-dinner/pre-pie walk.
  8. Indulges without overindulging.

The result? More pleasure, less pain.  Sounds pretty darn good, eh?

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