Client Success Story: Learn How Julie Fired Up Her Kitchen and Her Life!

Today I'm shining a spotlight on my gold-star client Julie Kuwabara. Learn how she propelled her health, wealth and happiness forward by taking small, simple steps that led to major life changes.

Together, we broke down the barriers that were holding Julie back from taking action. Once we did, wow, did she ever take off!

We all have roadblocks stopping us from manifesting our dreams. Sometimes it's lack of support, time or knowledge, often it's fear.

What's stopping you from taking action?

If you're not sure, give me a shout. I'll help you get clear and cruising down the road to your best life.

Interview with Gold-Star Client Julie Kuwabara

Why did you want to work with Renee?
Although I was pretty healthy, I knew there was a lot I could be doing better if I made my health and well-being a priority, became more informed, and had someone motivating me and holding me accountable. Renee's holistic, personalized approach really resonated with me.

What were your goals?
To eat healthier, cook more, exercise consistently, fit into my clothes better, improve my digestion, and get more sleep.

I also wanted to reassess my career, start looking for a new job, move to San Francisco, and audition for a musical. I was ready to shake things up!

What were your sessions like?
Renee was completely focused on me. She listened intently and was really good at uncovering what was stopping me from making my desired changes. I had A LOT of ahas!

By setting small goals in our sessions, I found it so much easier to accomplish my larger goals. For example, take my goal to cook more. I used to rely on Lean Cuisine frozen meals when I was too tired to cook. Renee encouraged me to make my own frozen meals by doubling recipes and freezing leftovers in individual portions.

Now, when I get home late, I can quickly defrost homemade soup and enjoy it with some fresh veggies. It's so much more satisfying and healthy.

What were some of your big breakthroughs?

Eating Mindfully
Renee taught me the importance of eating with presence. Since working with her, I've become more mindful. I eat with pleasure and in a much slower, more meditative state. I am more aware of portion size, my digestion has improved and I lost six pounds.

Cooking More
I'm so much better with meal planning thanks to the strategies Renee shared with me like "cook once, eat twice or thrice" so you're always making enough for leftovers. To start the week off on the right foot, she suggested I make a few big recipes on Sunday and then perk up weeknight leftovers with fresh veggies.

All my breakfasts, lunches and snacks are now prepared at home and 80% of my dinners are now home cooked. I seek out new vegetables at the farmers' market and love cooking new recipes with seasonal ingredients.
Getting Clear
Renee helped me get focused and clarify what I want from my life. I realized the Universe is listening and responds favorably when I get clear. For example, she pushed me to create my dream job list. Once I did, I started getting calls from recruiters!

What results did you get?
On top of everything I've mentioned, I moved to a new city, landed a new job, auditioned for a play, and began singing lessons. These changes wouldn't have happened so quickly or smoothly without Renee keeping me on track.

I've also learned how important exercise is for reducing stress and instead of always meeting friends for dinner, I now suggest physical activities like biking. I even made exercise a priority on my recent vacation.

Anything else you'd like to share?
I have a better understanding now of how my lifestyle affects my health and that even if I'm eating well, I'm still not truly healthy if other areas of my life are out of balance.

Setting goals and having Renee hold me accountable to them made a tremendous difference in my life. It's been amazing to see my goals come true without it feeling like work!

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